Academic Conference “Adjuging the Slaughter of Wola” (Genocide Wola 44)

Warsaw 28.09.2019

Honorary Patronage

Deputy Speaker of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Ms. Małgorzata Gosiewska and Chairman of the Institute of National Remembrance, Mr. Jarosław Szarek


PART I – at the Parish Church of St. Wojciech, 76 Wolska St., Warszawa-Wola

8.00-9.00am Concelebrated Mass.
-Opening address by the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Ms. Małgorzata Gosiewska
-Address by the Mayor of Wola, Mr. Krzysztof Strzałkowski

Eyewitness testimonies and documentary session, chaired by Hanna Dobrowolska

  • Film “In the footsteps of Slaughter of Wola”, directed by Grzegorz Kutermankiewicz
  • Testimonies by the surviving eyewitnesses of the ‘Slaughter of Wola’
  • Testimonies of the deceased eyewitnesses
  • Presentation: “Slaughter of Wola by the German aerial photography” – Zygmunt Walkowski
  • Film “The massacre of Wola’s Redemptorists” – Fr. Prof. Paweł Mazanka, Krzysztof Żurowski
  • Laying of the wreath
  • Break [Individual viewing of the Exhibition, presented in the Church]

PART II – at the Institute of National Remembrance, 21/25 Marszałkowska St., Warszawa- Środmieście

[Available only for the pre-registered participants, registrations at]

12.30-1.30pm Registration
1.30-3.30pm Historical Forum, chaired by Prof. Wiesław Wysocki

  • Address by the Chairman of IPN, Mr. Jaroław Szarek
  • “What took place in Wola in August 1944” – Marek Strok, Józef Menes
  • “The Slaughter of Wola’ as an element of annihilation of Warsaw” – Wojciech Gardoliński
  • “Investigation by GKŚZpNP into the Slaughter of Wola” – Jolanta Chankowska
  • “The state of research into the Slaughter of Wola” – Katarzyna Utracka
  • Discussion
  • 3.30-3.40pm Break

3.40-5.40 Legal Forum, chaired by Prof. Piotr Daranowski

  • “Slaughter of Wola and the community awareness” – Prof. Andrzej Szpociński
  • “Slaughter of Wola – continuing problems with the responsibility” – Prof. Tadeusz Jasudowicz
  • “The German law in the occupied part of Poland, the General Governorate, regulating Polish-Jewish relationships” – Prof. Bogdan Musiał
  • “Polish damages and losses during the war 1939-1945” – Prof. Krzysztof Miszczak
  • “Investigating claims against the German Federal Republic for crimes committed by Germany during the WWII ” – Attorney Lech Obara
  • The National High Tribunal (Najwyższy Trybunał Narodowy) – Prof. Karol Karski

5.55-6.10pm Break
6.10-7.10pm Discussion chaired by Krzysztof Jabłonka
Discussion and adoption of the Conference Resolutions
Closing of the Conference

Conference Registration

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